How do you know if your dog needs it’s nails trimmed? Some indications are if you can hear the nails clicking on the floor aka tap dancing. If when the dog is standing at a relaxed state the nails are touching the floor. Also if you see your dog chewing at their nails. 

The nail anatomy is the hard outer shell and the blood and nerve supply referred to as the Quick. The longer the nails are left without frequent trimming the longer the Quick will grow. It can be fixed though! With frequent nail trimming the Quick will recede and you can gradually get the nails to the desired length. 

Most frequently used tools are nail trimmers. We use the scissor style. A Dremel, which is an adjustable speed nail grinder that will file off sharp edges and can take length off. Syptic powder. Even the best groomer can zig when a dog zags and hit the quick. The syptic powder stops the bleeding.

Without frequent nail trimming it can physically injure your pet. The hard outer shell can split and break causing pain and bleeding. The nails can twist the actual toes and make it hurt and uncomfortable to walk. They might slip more easily because the paw pad isn’t making a connection to the ground. The nails can grow into the paw pad needing surgical extraction.